Monday, September 12, 2005

Breakout Analysis

The Merrill Lynch Nanotechnology Index is finally showing some technical bullish reasons to jump in some nanotech stocks.

Its classic breakout pattern, with the possibility of an up-swing in the short term.
The best course of action now is to wait for one more day to verify this technical breakout and then start looking into individual stocks with a similar technical pattern and enough fundamentals for a midterm trade.

Nanotech Index

Some of these stocks are technically bullish but remember these are new and emerging technology stocks, mostly small to mid caps with low volume, so most of them have poor fundamental records(negative EPS, etc.): CALP, CBT, EMKR, HW, MTSC, NANX, PANL, TINY

From this list, these ones have positive EPS and should be more reliable on the long term for now: MTS Systems Corporation | MTSC, Cabot Corporation | CBT , Headwaters Incorporated | HW.

Remember to stick only to the fundamental and technical data. These stocks are quite risky and avoid being pushed away by all the nanotech hype around the media. This is not a recommendation to invest or trade, only my personal comments and opinions based on my study and interpretation of available data and should not be used to influence your investment decisions. (There it is.. A disclaimer!)


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