Monday, July 18, 2005

Looking for technicals

After deciding the entry point based on the nanotech index we must start looking into individual stocks.

Before fundamentals we want to make sure we are buying into Bullish looking stocks and not trying to guess a bottom on a falling stock. Considering how fragile the nanotechnology sector is, using technical methods before looking into the fundamental data is a much better method considering the fragile fundamentals of emerging technologies like this one.

I'm going to do a quick look at some individual stocks that belong to the Merrill Lynch Nanotechnology Index($NNZ)and the Lux Nanotech Index($LUXNI).

I've selected only the up trending stocks and later will remove any of these stocks that show poor fundamentals (based more on grow than value).

So here it goes, charts with small commentaries:

Nice uptrend on AFCO that shows how important the horizontal resistance is in the 28 Dollar line. Any move above that price should be a good reason to buy.

Seems to want to leave the downtrend of the last month, with a good rally in the last two months. Volume spikes seem to support this rising price.

Already on an uptrend after moving sideways on a trading range in late 2004 and the first months of 05.

I like the way this stock broke new highs. We should see support at $35 and the continuating of this midterm uptrend.

Nanometrics may be starting a new uptrend after making a top in last December. We must watch the $12.6 resistance price carefully.

SMMX is on a new uptrend and the current price must not be very far from the uptrend support line. The immediate target should be the highs of December.

The same here applies, TINY is in the same situation of SMMX but with more room to grow.

Great uptrend too, breaking the 20 Dollar mark, I would like to see breaking the highs of last month.

Tomorrow I will probably make some investment decisions by crossing the technicals with the fundamental information. Unless the markets start declining a lot and breaking support lines, we should see some buying opportunities on the nanotech sector in the next days.

See you soon!


Anonymous Jameson said...


interessante esta tua nova iniciativa, espero que tenha tanto sucesso como O Blog Investidor que venho acompanhando.

No clubinvest, um participate referiu este 2 titulos:Avant Immunotherapeutics e Cell Therapeutics. Tens alguma opinião relativamente a estes 2 titulos?
Relativamente a fundos de investimentos (na área da Biotecnologia), recomendarias algum, nomeadamente o Pictet Biotech ?

7:22 AM  
Blogger Ertai said...

Ainda não tenho uma opinião formada nas empresas que falas por serem mais do sector biotecnologico mas darei uma olhada..

6:06 PM  
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