Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nano Tech Stocks is Back

After two months of no updates I’ve decided that it’s time to put this blog back to work.

Taking action now

Nanotechnology is still an emerging science/technology and there are plenty of websites/blogs about the nano world. Many are hyped and unrealistic but many are serious and contributing to the widespread of good information about nanotechnology. I recommend everyone to check the “nanolinks” and read plenty of information on these sites about the fundamentals of nanotechnology.

The objective of this blog is not to talk about nanotechnology and its utopian dreams, although we might link to places that do, because there are plenty of sites and hundreds of articles regarding this.
It is up to the investor to digest that information and take action!

The “nanotech stocks” blogs is about taking action in the markets, search for good valuation and technicals for entering in new trades/investments. The sooner we pick those companies, the better we can analyse and see what are the next ‘Coca-Colas’ and ‘IBMs’ of the nanotechnology industry.

There is already many companies to choose from, but I will check some rules before buying any company stock.

-The first is liquidity, and that means leaving some ‘nanocaps’ behind (for at least now). If a promising small/nano cap stocks starts really growing, volume will go up and only then we will pay attention to that ‘emerging’ stock.

-Good fundamentals might not be on the side of many new and small companies, but good expectations, new products and even speculation are good factors to consider in an investment.

-Technical factors. For the short term, technical analysis is the best method for timing a good entry point in a stock, and in the long terms its better to have a good mix with fundamental data and speculative data. After all what nanotech is today was just speculation one or two decades ago.

With all these in mind I will be making a Portfolio (or Blogfolio) of nanotech stocks this week and keep tracking the performance for at least once a week and check possible changes on the Portfolio since that are many IPO’s coming out, and we don’t want to miss some of them, even if it’s just hype. We should catch good market bubbles and leave when the alarm signs show up, by checking broken trends, sentiment or just stops. After all, that’s what good investors/traders did back in 1999 and 2000.

More updates on the stocks later this week.


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