Saturday, July 23, 2005

Late Updates

After 1 week of no updates, because I've been busy with my other blog, I have finally some free time to make regular updates on nanotechstocks Blog.

For the next week I will continue with the quick fundamental analysis of the stocks were watching, and hoping to find the best setup for a middle term trade/investment. The Markets had quite an impressive rally and there is a risk we might not be at the right time to start some long term trades.

Looking at the nanotech index we still have some room to grow for this year's performance since the S&P and the NASDAQ are already on positive territory for this year and the nanotech sector might get some opportunities to keep up.
nanotech index

For the next couple of days we will continue to look for some good combinations of technicals+fundamentals in nanotech related companies.

Today I have found another interesting news site about nanotechnology: Nanotechnology Now
And I'm still trying to find good investment/trading sites that track and comment on the daily performance of the nanotech sector. Finding a good niche information site with updated analysis/news on this upcoming industry is still rare. Too much techstocks and biotech stocks and not much attention to the nano materials in particular.

More updates on Monday!


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