Monday, August 22, 2005

Summer Nano Tech Articles

While the nanotech stocks analysis is on hold because I'm still on vacations, there are some blogs out there showing some very interesting stuff related to the nano world.

Some interesting stuff on Molecular Torch Blog
How new and important advancements are being made to solar energy with the help of nanotechnology:Solar Energy
Other sources of energy: New Source of Energy
And a good article regarding Ag2Se Grown Nanocrystals with well-defined shapes:

Howard Lovy's Blog seems to be putting out some interesting read: Recombinant controversies: bio and nano

And another good read at worldchanging Ribbons, Sheets and the Nanofuture

As soon as September starts, we can continue the fundamental and technical analysis of the nanotech stocks available to us (and lets hope that it will be more in the future).


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