Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nano Index Update and Links

While looking at Merril Lynch Nanotech Index we can see why it still isn't the time to start buying stocks.
The trend is still down and with the market below the 50 and 200 day moving average we might have to wait a little before we get a good technical signal to enter new trades/investments.
nano tech

It will probably take 1 more week before we see a market reversal. Until then even the fundamentals don't justify good entry points at the moment.

Yesterday the Motley Fool site had some interesting read regarding GE's Nanotechnology Future

And now it's time for some random linkage, from interesting "nanonews" to the almost concerning nanohype.

A good informative summary of all things nano on VioletOrchid's News Blog:
Instant Expert: Nanotechnology

Nice image of things to come.

Scientists create Nanotube sheets

The Technorati site has some good links about nanotechnology.
But with all the speculation around the nano word, we are seeing more and more companies using the little 4 letter word on Marketing phrases. To attract money or just attention we are seeing a Mega Hype over Nano Tech.

And a good quote from Howard Lovy's NanoBot site:

Nano might be today's "cyber," but today's cyber has finally become yesterday's "cyber."


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