Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nano Updates

The Markets are going stronger lately, finally ending the 3 week downward move and probably the start of a new short term uptrend move.

The Nanotech Index is still down and didn't keep up with the positive moves of the S&P these last days. While it might still have to wait some more time before starting to look for some interesting mid/long term buys. For short term trading there are already some opportunities for anyone who can deal with the risks associated with Nanotech Stocks.

On the chart we can see some support in the 185 points and will look for some reaction above 190 to start looking for some bullish individual stocks on this nanotech index:
Nano Technology

An interesting article just came up yesterday on the New Scientist:
Nano-material is harder than diamonds

I will update the blog as soon as we have some interesting moves on the index, so we can avoid those nasty falling knives!


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