Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nano updates

Brief comment on the $NNZ, UTEK and a couple of articles

The Nanotech Index($NNZ) didn't go too far this last week but it just might resume it's trend if the NASDAQ and S&P500 continue their trends.

UTEK is one of the components of the $NNZ and the charts looks promising, going up into new highs since '04

Ultratech, Inc.(UTEK) develops, manufactures and markets photolithography, and laser thermal processing equipment.
You can get plenty of information from this company in Google finance

The CRN Blog just keeps pumping out some great reading, so here it is:
Nanotech Consumer Products
Trends in (Nano)Medicine

And one "shocking" news from IBM (dated 1st of April):
Nanotechnology Disproved!!!


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