Thursday, March 30, 2006

Going higher

The Nanotech index breaks into new highs and keeps going...
The new trend seems that will stay here for a long time, probably following the major indexes for now, but what really matters is the performance.
Will it beat the S&P 500 gains in the next years? Or stay in line until the nanotech hype hits the markets in a really hard way?

Any future nanotech bubble is always welcome as long as we avoid the final burst, but I guess we will only see that happen when the nanotech buzz really hits the street, both in speculative news and pratical applications.

The tradable nanotech Exchange Traded Fund, PXN (Powershares Lux Nanotech Portfolio), is still lagging behind the $NNZ (Merrill Lynch Nanotechnology Index), but that could change in a few weeks:

Two recent articles on the Responsible Nanotechnology Blog:

Radical Nano Globalization

War, Big Brother, and Empire

And the really important question for alternative energies, "Will it be cost efficient?", on the Molecular Torch:
Cheap Hydrogen Fuel


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