Friday, March 17, 2006

Back in business

Nanotech stocks is back, from it's whole month break, now hopefully with daily updates...

Looking back in the past month we can see the nanotech index didn't go far, neither making new highs or new year lows. Thanks to the recent upswing move from the S&P/Nasdaq the $NNZ is trying to break into new highs with good indicators like the MACD showing some promise:

If we get a close above the 223 point mark the index will probably resume it's midterm up trend, with some nanotech titles entering a new bullish rally.

Looking at the long term chart we can see the Bear nanotech market ended at the end of 2005. But we can be only verify this impeding sectorial Bull Market if the quotes get past the 230/235 points with a horizontal line resistance being tested twice in mid and ending of 2005.

That's all for now folks, more updates on single nanotech stocks and research news on the next updates...


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