Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Late Nanotech Updates

The Nanotechnology Index has made it's last bottom one month ago.
Now that there seems to be a new midterm uptrend forming it's time to pay close attention to the Merrill Lynch Index:

NanoVax (NVAX) may not be a true nanotechnology related company, but it's one of the Heaviest stock in the Merrill Lynch Nanotechnology Index.
It looks identical to the $NNZ and stopped doing lower lows. Could be a good trade for the short term for now:

On the news I saw a couple of interesting nano-stuff:

The hydrophobic Nano-Umbrella

The NanoNuno umbrella uses the same nanotechnology as self-cleaning windows to shed water and dirt.
You can check this article on Nanotechbuzz, were I originally saw it:
Nano Umbrella @ NanotechBuzz

Public Awareness of Nanotechnology Grows, but Majority Unaware

Nanotechnology awareness is still low in USA and Europe, let's just hope that we can control the amount of hype once the rest of population learns about it:

Research findings released today from the first major national poll on nanotechnology in more than two years indicate that while more Americans are now aware of the emerging science, the majority of the public still has heard little to nothing about it.

You can read the rest here...


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