Monday, May 22, 2006

Long Term Opportunity?

With the recent Selloff in the markets both major and sector indexes are near their 200 day moving average.

For longterm trades/investments this should be a good time to accumulate or get back into the longterm trend. We could get lower in the next days/weeks but if we look at the monthly charts this could be just a retracement in this Bull Market only 3 years long.

Here are some stocks that look quite attractive after these corrections, while still in their longterm bullish trends:

PXN - Lux Nanotech ETF
ELN - Elan Corp. PLC
PANL - Universal Display Corp (OLED Technology)
SMMX - Symyx Technologies, Inc.
VECO - Veeco Instruments, Inc.

If you want any detailed information about these companies you can check Google finance, just type the stock codes or company names: Google Finance: Elan Corporation, plc

In case you didn't notice Howard Lovy's NanoBot is back online, probably for a couple of months now, but I only noticed it recently so check it out:
Howard Lovy's NanoBot

Independent nanotechnology information and commentary

And talking about NanoBots, there is an interesting article in Responsible Nanotechnology Blog:
Robot Factory Predictions


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