Thursday, June 29, 2006

More on nanotechnology

Today the Merrill Lynch Nanotech Index had one of it's biggest advances in a one day session since it's inception.

For long-term investing the question should be: Will this index beat the S&P and NASDAQ annual returns?

Here are links to some news articles that are related in some way to nanotechnology, the effects of this technology on the economy, society and human thinking:

Nanotechnology EHS Concerns Warrant Action Now, Says Lux Research

Readying a radical business plan
The rate of technological progress is about to shift into high gear, some futurists say. Are you ready to take advantage of the business opportunities?

Heaven or hell?
How will technology shape our future?

Nano Tech Taiwan 2006 - Applications are now open

You can find some of these and more updated news on:


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