Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bullish Looking Stocks

Back in October I started to track a couple of good looking stocks for the mid/long term. Those stocks were NVAX, ACCL and FLML.
After 2 months ACCL has some good gains and should continue the trend in the next months:

FLML kept the sideways movements but it's testing the 20 dollar resistance and should be a good stock to keep an eye on for the next weeks:

Remember these are smallcaps with low volume and high volatility. Trade for the mid/long term scenario and put a stop-loss just in case...

Another stocks that show a good growth and potential for a long term Bull rally: EMKR, OLED, TINY, VECO, WEDX.

Meanwhile the Nanotech index continues to struggle near the 200 point line and closing above 202.5 points should be good for the Bulls:


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