Tuesday, December 06, 2005

200 Point Barrier and more Nano-News

The Nanotech Index is still around the 200 point psychological barrier and, until we see new highs on the NASDAQ Composite and the S&P 500, we wont be higher on this index too:

Check this article on CRN:
Changing Scientific Opinion
The same pattern can be seen in molecular manufacturing. Despite Feynman's predictions more than 45 years ago, and evidence accumulated over the past 25 years, many scientists have refused to accept that nanoscale machines can be engineered, constructed, and used productively. The shift is coming gradually.

First, scientists had to accept that the nanoscale could be engineered at all.
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And a couple of recent news on Nanotechnology.com :

Fujitsu Pioneers Use of Carbon Nanotubes for Heatsinks for Semiconductors
(They are no longer making "microprocessors" but "nanoprocessors", since it should be the correct technical term...)

New nanosensor uses quantum dots to detect DNA


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