Thursday, April 22, 2010

European nanotechnology on integrating nanomaterial research Infrastructures

All our modern technologies from information and communication, energy, and the environment to health and transport depend on the development of materials that can withstand the highest mechanical and thermal load, transfer data at the greatest speeds, safely store data in the smallest dimensions, ensure biocompatible transplants, remove monoxides from car exhausts, or separate protons and electrons in fuel cells.
This has led to great expectations for the future of nanomaterials science and worldwide attention has been drawn to the enormous potential of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Although Europe’s expertise in nanomaterials science is excellent, it is highly fragmented into scientific disciplines, sectors and national efforts which are on a global level often subcritical. Europe would considerably benefit from a strategic pan-European, multidisciplinary research involving all sectors and the most advanced European research infrastructures.

GENNESYS White Paper


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