Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AMD, Qimonda, Carl Zeiss unite in nanoanalysis

Latest news on atomic layer sampling involving known companies such as AMD and Carl Zeiss:

Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Qimonda AG and Carl Zeiss SMT are cooperating to bring future chip generations faster to volume production by improving characterization and metrology.

The trio plans to jointly develop next-gen techniques to analyze and characterize semiconductor structures and materials. Within the joint "Nanoanalysis" project for chip development, AMD and Qimonda will have preferred access to the recently founded Carl Zeiss Innovation Center in Dresden, Germany, which is equipped with particle beam systems.

Atom layer process control
The analysis instruments provided by the Carl Zeiss Innovation Center enable materials researchers to depict, analyze and process samples down to the atomic layer, including three-dimensional semiconductor structure, the Carl Zeiss SMT spokesperson said. AMDs participation at the project aims at developing process-related techniques that help to speed volume production ramp-up. "We are faced with the challenge to drive chip structures smaller and yield higher," explained Udo Nothelfer, Vice President AMD Fab36. "Process control at the atom layer is very important to us."

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