Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nanotech in the news

Silica particle sparks life in protein

Interesting new at showing one step further in building proteins and taking control of its reaction with inorganic materials. They are probably in the right direction, using biological methods to build larger molecular structures.

Tiny formless particles in water solution take on a well-ordered and functional structure as soon as they come into contact with nanoparticles of silica.
The team designed a peptide (a short protein) with a specific distribution of positive charges. The peptide was mixed into a solution of spherical silica particles, about 9 nanometers (billionths of a meter) across. When the peptide was free in the solution it had no structure whatsoever, but when it connected with the negatively charged silica ball it assumed the form of a helix. The result was a complex of a silica particle and a functional protein.

AMD is finally launching its delayed 65 nanometre products.
Since the die size fell below the 100nanometre scale, we can all stop naming these CPUs, microprocessors, and start calling them nanoprocessors!
By the way, Intel is still in the lead, in die sizes and performance from its recent Core 2 Launch.

AMD gets 65 nanochips


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